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About us

Or how we started to make stylish and modern dog bed with cover 

Vizsla Ambra is the princess of our home. She adores being cuddled, spending time together, and always requires to be petted.

Vizsla Dakaras - super energetic and very happy dog. He prefers active games more, but he is also very sensitive, big - hearted dog.


Together they make a perfect vizsla couple, which complement, fulfill and take care of each other.


Despite their different characters - we have noticed what they have in common. Resting and sleeping for Ambra and Dakaras has to be in extreme coziness and warmth.

It came to our understanding, that the persistent of wanting to sleep next  to us was not to be close and cuddled by us, but to be warm and cozy. 


We know that there are many dogs, that love to sleep the same way as our dogs. So inspired by our vizslas - Ambra and Dakaras and "snoozer cozy cave", we created TWO VIZSLAS dog beds, handmade in Lithuania.

Please, have a look at our stylish and cozy dog bed collection!

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